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Abu Dhabi airport walkway tracks passengers, provides power through footsteps

Abu Dhabi airport walkway tracks passengers, provides power through footsteps

The walkway uses electromagnetic generators to power nearby systems

Abu Dhabi International Airport has launched an interactive walkway that harvests energy and data from passengers’ footsteps.

The project, in partnership with UK clean technology firm Pavegen and Abu Dhabi energy firm Masdar, is described as a first for a commercial airport in the Middle East.

It works by using electromagnetic generators spread across 16sqm of interlocking triangles between the airport’s Terminal 1 and Terminal 3.

Authorities said they were tracking around 8,000 travellers per day using the technology, which converts footsteps into electrical energy to provide a data feed and power lighting along the walkway.

Screens and a gaming interface are fitted along the area are designed to encourage interaction from travellers and their children.

“We’ve partnered with Masdar to install the Pavegen walkway, poised to power the data-driven, smart cities of tomorrow,” said Abu Dhabi Airports acting chief operations officer Ahmed Al Shamisi.

“Through this collaboration, Abu Dhabi Airports aims to further its commitment to sustainable practices, educating travellers and residents alike about different sources of off-grid energy and data.”

The project is the latest new technology offering launched by a Gulf airport.

In October, Dubai launched the pilot phase of a smart tunnel project to speed up travel through immigration.

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Abu Dhabi International also opened a new sleeping facility in June.

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