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Over 85% of UAE hospitality workers plan to change jobs – survey

Over 85% of UAE hospitality workers plan to change jobs – survey

UAE survey respondents cite career progression and development as the main factors when considering new opportunities


Up to 86 per cent of UAE hospitality workers are planning to change jobs in the near future, according to a new survey.

The research was conducted by online hospitality recruitment portal CatererGlobal.com, which surveyed 21,000 candidates from around the world, including professionals from the UAE.

The findings revealed that 43 per cent of UAE hospitality staff are planning on changing positions in the coming quarter, compared to the global average of 22 per cent.

It also found that almost half (49 per cent) of those surveyed use the internet to explore new job opportunities.

UAE-based respondents cited career progression and training and development as the most significant factors when considering new job opportunities (17 percent each), while teamwork ranked high for job satisfaction once in a steady role (16 per cent).

Jeremy Vercoe, sales manager at CatererGlobal.com, said: “The results demonstrate a very global mobile workforce. Clearly, people are attracted by career progression and training, but the high rates of movement amongst UAE candidates is something for employers to readily pay attention to.

“Modern-day employees are seeking variety in their roles, and the opportunity to constantly interact with others; it’s important that employers recognise these factors and maintain an open dialogue with their employees to enhance retention.”

The survey also found that with increased mobility among hospitality employees in Europe, many are eyeing opportunities overseas. The UAE presents a strong case for them, due to the continued growth in the hospitality landscape, particularly in the lead-up to Expo 2020, it added.

Neil Pattison, director of CatererGlobal.com said: “The significant changes in candidate mobility across Europe, driven by the potential impact of Brexit, have increased candidates’ desire to move out of the UK and EU, with 27 per cent foreseeing potential for employment outside of the EU. This presents a positive opportunity for UAE employers to take advantage of an expanded talent pool.”


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