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30 Seconds On The Business Of Sports Caps

30 Seconds On The Business Of Sports Caps

Gulf Business speaks to Paul Gils, EMEA vice president at New Era.

What’s the value of the global cap business?

In terms of New Era, I can tell you that we are selling 40 million caps a year and remain the global market leaders in headwear.

What trends drive the cap business?

It’s a variation of factors but largely split between the world of sport and current fashion trends. Famous sports players tend to influence a consumers decision to buy a certain team, but in EMEA, seasonal fashion trends such as the animal print visors, bright colours and lightweight materials always drive high numbers in sales.

Does celebrity endorsement affect cap sales?

Yes, it does. We’re in a fortunate position where a large amount of celebrity placement occurs organically. The power of celebrity influence has been crucial to our success and we have active relationships with some of the most talented individuals in music, sport and entertainment.

Consumer spending habits are most definitely swayed by what they see on the TV, online and in magazines.

If a sports team wins, do sales go up?

Not always, in the EMEA region, our consumers are influenced by lifestyle trends and not necessarily a team allegiance as seen in the US. Our consumers’ buying habits tend to rely on matching the colour of their cap with their sneakers, or favouring a particular print or silhouette. The New York Yankees, Oakland Raiders and Chicago Bulls have always been popular team choices – two of which have not won a trophy in years!

What’s been your most popular cap ever?

To date, it is the authentic on-field New York Yankees 59FIFTY cap. A true classic.


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