30 Seconds On The Business Of Early Childhood Development
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30 Seconds On The Business Of Early Childhood Development

30 Seconds On The Business Of Early Childhood Development

Gulf Business speaks to Monica Malhotra, managing director of Kidville, UAE.


Can you explain the concept of early childhood development?

Early childhood is the period of a child’s life up to around six years of age. It is during this time period that a child’s physical and mental abilities grow rapidly. The more stimulating the environment during these early years, the more a child develops in key areas of overall development – physically, socially, linguistically, cognitively and artistically.

Why is the concept different from what’s taught at other edutainment centres in the UAE?

In our classes, we offer more than 45 unique and age-appropriate class titles across six categories (music, dance, art, gym, enrichment and camp) where children can learn through play and exploration.

Our programmes are designed to create experiences that harness a child’s natural curiosity and enable physical, social and cognitive growth. We also promote parent-child bonding through our classes and indoor play areas.

Do you see demand for this programme growing in the future?

When we first launched in July 2010, it was difficult for most people to understand who we are. However, as time has passed, more parents have become aware of early childhood development and its benefits, resulting in them being able to better understand our programming and what we offer.

Kidville plans to expand in this region. Since each facility needs an approximate investment of $500,000 to $900,000, how do you plan on raising this capital?

We now have three locations – JBR, Mirdiff and MotorCity – and each has been funded privately. At this point in time, we don’t see a need to change our approach.

Kidville New York has been a big hit with Madonna’s and Brangelina’s kids. Does Kidville in Dubai also enjoy such a star-studded reputation?

All of our members are stars.


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