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30 Seconds On The Business Of… Family Entertainment

30 Seconds On The Business Of… Family Entertainment

Gulf Business speaks to Silvio Liedtke, COO, Landmark Leisure.

How strong is the GCC’s family entertainment industry?

The family entertainment industry is gaining more traction in the GCC region as parents are increasingly appreciating the importance of fun for the well-being and health of their families. The trend is also supported by the world class infrastructure that local governments are establishing as part of their services for their citizens.

In addition, the leisure industry has become more than ever associated with malls. Plans to establish multiple malls in the region should help drive and sustain the growth of the entertainment industry.

Are there too many players in the market?

I don’t think the market is already saturated. New entrants are expected and competition will be based on quality of the entertainment experience offered and understanding the local culture.

What are the main challenges that you face in this market?

A general one is competition but we look at it more as an opportunity than a challenge as this motivates us to be more innovative in our offerings.

Is the local industry on par with international offerings?

Definitely, yes. The Middle East is regarded as a world leader in the indoor family entertainment centres business. That said, the arid and humid weather of the region makes it unsuitable for outdoor play for a large period of the year, which has made malls an essential part of the community lifestyle, just as high streets are for other regions.

Any major new concepts in indoor leisure will therefore most probably be launched here in the Middle East.

The region also hosts the DEAL exhibition, which is one of the biggest trade events for all stakeholders in the entertainment, amusement and related industries. This has kept the region aware of new concepts and experiences that are innovating worldwide.


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