Uber drivers in Dubai to get paid for long waiting times

Drivers will also get a prior notification when a trip is estimated to be 60 minutes or longer

Uber has launched a series of new features to improve the experience for its drivers across Dubai.

The features are being rolled out across the MENA region and are based on feedback from drivers, a statement said.

Some of them include allowing drivers to set their own arrival destination and time so that when accepting a trip, they have more flexibility.

Also, drivers will now get paid while they wait, after a grace period for the rider. It is not clear how the waiting time will be calculated.

Drivers will also get a prior notification when a trip is estimated to be 60 minutes or longer.

Uber is also introducing an in-app chat to allow drivers and riders to coordinate the pick-up faster, since there’s no need to switch between apps to get in touch. For drivers, chats are read aloud and one tap to the app will send a “thumbs up” confirmation to their rider.

Chris Free, general manager, Uber UAE said: “Over the past year, we’ve listened to the feedback from drivers right across Dubai and the MENA region and these changes are proof that we are taking direct action.

“And this is just the start – more change is on the way. Over the next few months, we will continue to launch even more products and initiatives to improve the Uber experience for drivers using the Uber app, and to make sure the app works best for them.”

Uber has recently made a number of key announcements in Dubai, including the recent launch of its UberONE, an electric vehicle offering in partnership with the DTC and the pilot of UberX, an affordable option earlier this year.

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