REVEALED: The Top 10 GCC Social Media Brands

The rise of social media is giving companies a new way of engaging and interacting with customers. So how are companies in the GCC stacking up against each other in this arena? Gulf Business takes a look.

Gulf Business
September 30, 2012

Gulf Business teamed up with digital media powerhouse Grafdom to enlist the most influential and recognisable brands in the GCC. The methodology employed in compiling the list involved listing Gulf brands that are most active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

1. Al Arabiya

Head-on-head with international stalwarts like BBC and Fox News, Al is the most visited Arab website. It has 2,060,333 Facebook likes, 1,204,204 followers on Twitter and 82,940,220 YouTube views.

2. Al Jazeera English

Airing from New York to Jakarta, Qatar-based Al Jazeera is widely recognised as the Arab mouthpiece to the Western world. It has 1,115,470 Facebook likes, 20,342 followers on Twitter and 387,581,639 YouTube views.

3. Pepsi Arabia

Pepsi Arabia effectively engages users by inviting them to post their Arabic-language videos on its website, effectively engaging them to associate the brand with light, fun moments which they can share with loved ones. It has 1,306,248 Facebook likes, 648 Twitter followers and 243,709 YouTube views.

4. KFC Arabia

KFC Arabia is the Middle East's most recognisable fast-food chain. It may place second after McDonald's globally, but it's clear in this region Colonel Sanders is King. It has 1,091,264 likes on Facebook, 495 Twitter followers and 15,162 YouTube hits.

5. STC

The largest telecom company in the region by market capitalisation, Saudi Telecom nudges out other regional bulwarks such as Etisalat and Zain Saudi. It has 642,948 Facebook likes, 307,329 followers on Twitter and 5,858,758 YouTube views.

6. National Geographic Abu Dhabi

Since launching just three years ago as the first international factual entertainment channel in the Arabic language, National Geographic Abu Dhabi has become one of the most renowned brands in the region. It has 733,568 likes on Facebook, 12,047 followers on Twitter and 576 views on YouTube.

7. Qatar 2022

Qatar is spending approximately $36 billion on a new metro system, $4 billion on stadiums and $100 billion on infrastructure in preparation for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. It has 663,918 Facebook likes, 7,621 Twitter followers and 3,135,978 YouTube views.

8. Emirates

In its quest to be the world's largest airline by 2017, Emirates launched a stellar marketing campaign to overhaul its brand proposition from a service to a lifestyle provider. It has 624,776 Facebook likes, 28,246 Twitter followers and 4,198,687 YouTube views.

9. Mobily

Pegged as the fastest growing mobile operator in the MENA region, Mobily plans to expand its brand strategy in line with global trends in mobile telecommunications and broadband services. It has 440,125 Facebook likes, 184,126 followers on Twitter and 2,403,630 views on YouTube.

10. Pizza Hut Middle East

Adding more than 800 fans daily on its Facebook page, this global brand is aggressive in marketing new promotions. Yum! Brands, which owns both KFC and Pizza Hut, sure makes for a strong case in branding. It has 614,701 Facebook likes and 1,203,448 YouTube views.
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Top GCC Social Media Brands (11-30)

Top GCC Social Media Brands (31-50)

The methodology employed in compiling the Top 50 Social Media Brands involved listing Gulf brands that are most active on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This generated 1,398 brands, which were short-listed to the top 100 to qualify for the next stage. Values were rechecked during an 8 hour period to ensure relative consistency, and the final top 50 brands were then extrapolated for the final list.

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