Saudi says has not requested any mediation with Iran

Media reports claimed Saudi had asked Iraq to help mediate ties with Iran

Saudi Arabia has not requested any mediation in any way with Iran, contrary to media reports, an official source has confirmed to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

Media reports had earlier quoted the Iraqi Minister of Interior Qasim al-Araji as saying that Saudi had officially asked the Iraqi Prime Minister – during his visit to the kingdom – to mediate with Iran. Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi visited Riyadh in June, while Araji made a trip to the kingdom in July.

However, Araji also issued another statement proclaiming the statements were false. Speaking to Al Sumaria News website, he said: “Saudi Arabia did not ask Aabadi to mediate between them and Iran,” said a report they published on Monday. as saying that Saudi had asked the Iraqi Prime Minister – during his visit to the kingdom, to mediate with Iran.

However, SPA quoted the source as saying that the news was “completely untrue”.

The source stressed the “kingdom’s adherence to its firm position that rejects any rapprochement with the Iranian regime which is spreading terrorism and extremism in the region and the world and is interfering in the affairs of other countries”.

“The kingdom believes that the current Iranian regime can not be negotiated with after a long experience that has shown that it is a regime which does not respect diplomatic rules and norms and the principles of international relations and it is a system perpetuating lying and distorting facts,” the source was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile Araji was also quoted by some media outlets as rubbishing the report.

Tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran remain high after Riyadh cut diplomatic ties with Tehran last year.