Revealed: Top 10 Companies In Bahrain

Firms in the banking and financial sector lead the list of the top companies in Bahrain.

1. Gulf Monetary Group

MCap: $5.4 billion Sector: Banking and Investment Services The Gulf Monetary Group is a Shariah-compliant investment and financial services firm whose operations include investment in real estate operations, equity shares and managed funds.

Bahrain’s economic growth in 2012 is likely to stand at around three per cent, the lowest in the GCC. Growth is assisted by an economic development package from the GCC, which began this year.

Whether higher development spending will help ease social and political strains remains uncertain. Higher political risk perceptions, if they persist, will likely make it harder to generate the private sector growth required to absorb the expanding Bahraini workforce over the coming years.

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(Research by Kuwait Financial Centre (Markaz); financial data from Reuters July 31 2012).