Oman Air flight to London delayed after ‘centipede’ bites passenger

The unexpected arthropod delayed the service from Muscat

Oman Air has said its WY101 service from Muscat to London Heathrow was delayed by more than an hour today after a passenger was bitten by a ‘centipede’.

The incident occurred as the flight, which was scheduled to leave Muscat at 1:55pm and arrive in London at 6:25pm, was boarding.

The airline said the centipede was hidden in the pocket of the passenger’s jacket.

After he was bitten, Oman Air said it team requested medical attention and the passenger was taken for treatment accompanied by his family.

“Oman Air apologises for the inconvenience caused to its valued guests, confirming giving its utmost priority to the safety and wellbeing of the guests, and extends its appreciation for their understanding and cooperation,” the airline said.

The flight departed with a delay of one hour and 18 minutes.

In another incident involving an unexpected stowaway, an Emirates flight from Muscat to Dubai was cancelled earlier this month after a snake was found on the plane.

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